Barbara Bowman: Brilliant and Mysterious Art

Imagine the late afternoon fog creeping through the landscapes, obscuring the finest details. Majestic forms seem to melt into shapeless shifting ghostly images, yet the color brilliantly illuminates the space, bouncing off every surface it touches. Without realizing it, you are drawn into a world created by local artist Barbara Bowman of B.H. Bowman Studios.
Barbara has worked in the arts in one form or another throughout her career. The awakening into what she expresses on canvas today is the culmination of two decades of honing her skills in drawing, painting, composition, and design.  She “fell into Abstract Expressionism,” which is her current focus.

Barbara met her first client requesting a painting done in the style of Abstract Expressionism about nine yearsago.  He was looking for a specific “statement piece” to display in his home. Barbara accepted the challenge.  She was confident in her skills in launching the project; the rest would be researched along the way.  Upon completing an extensive search of genre, its characteristics and the artists, Barbara was ready to begin.  She was so successful in completing just the right “look” for the piece that her client requested a second work for his office conference room.  It wasn’t long before Barbara began receiving commission requests from her client’s business colleagues, as well.  A career was born.  

Over the years, Barbara has nurtured her creative career, completing a number of commissioned pieces for both private and business clients.  She participates in art festivals throughout the country, works with galleries, and is expanding her reach through marketing and social media.  Barbara proudly shares that she has participated in the area’s Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour for the last six years, as B.H. Bowman Studios. 

Abstract Expressionism is Barbara’s passion.  She loves the genre, as she will tell you “it requires a provocative curiosity in order to appreciate it.”  Barbara’s work, although influenced by the palate of our great Sonoran Desert, is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a contemporary alternative to the usual Southwest themes.  Her creations bring sophisticated and intelligent interest to any space they occupy.

-Shea Stanfield, The Foothills Focus, 05/28/2014 



“Barbara Bowman’s artwork not only has the technical skill and confidence of a seasoned artist, but her artwork expresses a sensitivity and awareness of the natural world.  Her multi-media pieces are constantly evolving and show an artist that strives to communicate and to reflect upon the beauty of color and texture.  Dynamic, dramatic and expansive are words that describe a piece by BH Bowman.”

- Carolyn Strong