BarbaraBowman has been in the arts since childhood.  In the beginning she considered architecture as a career, then urban development and eventually worked in the corporate world designing and marketing new product lines for international retail promotions. She later became a lead designer for a glass company which designed and sold logoed souvenir glassware to major food and beverage departments for cruise ships, hotels, resorts and casinos world-wide. The numbers kept her in the game, but that did not fulfill her calling.

 “That phase of my career was exciting. I was making great money and recognition in my industry and I learned a lot about the business side of selling my original designs, but it held me captive because I was required to adhere to the corporate and consumer demands of the products. If my designs were great, the public bought them, and I was credited with being a top design leader in the industry. But I was totally stifled.  I had no true freedom of expression. I needed so much more and one day I gave my letter of resignation—I simply quit!” Bowman quips.

And though Bowman has extensive experience in many forms, she claims a dual career for many years. Bowman also to be credited for a sustained and successful television and film career since her early teens, working on international film and T.V. sets. The actress turned artist says, “Before art became what is now my life, my passion for painting kept nagging at me. I’ve always been an artist. You just needed to know where to find me.”
Now, mostly retired from the entertainment world, she has spanned her professional world of art through drawing, creating commissioned custom murals for public and private clients, and currently, mostly known for her Abstract Expressionism works which have been described as, “Colors that fly off the wall!”

She currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ and her works can be seen at the prestigious “Hidden in the Hills” annual artist tour and sale, in the Carefree and Cave Creek neighborhoods of North Scottsdale. This tour, which attracts art collectors from around the world, celebrated its sixteenth year in 2013. This will be Barbara’s seventh year as a hosting studio in the show. Her other public events are listed on the website as they emerge yearly.

“Abstract Expressionism is my passion. Even as a little kid, maybe as young as 7 or 8, on a field trip to an art museum, I was fascinated with abstract art. I would look at an abstract painting and ponder the lines, or lack of lines. The colors that would merge effortlessly into another, catching a glimpse of life swirling beneath what my eyes saw from afar, then becoming more evident when I observed it more closely. I would wonder how they did that—the blending of colors to suggest lines, movement and shadows.  Although it may have had no concrete subject matter to speak of, the entire story was unfolding before my eyes. I was in awe and knew someday I would do that, too. Then I discovered Mark Rothko and I knew I was on my way.”

About Barbara

"My art is the experience of a true, organic relationship; it’s almost effortless!”.

Barbara Bowman